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Analog Shore A, D Durometers

  • $295.00

Compact Shimana handheld durometers, shore A & D.

Shore A durometer, designed for testing various rubber, elastomers and plastic products. Simple to use, easy reading, easy operation, high resolution, available in GB/T531-1999 and ISO 7619.

Shore D durometer is designed for testing the hardness of various hard rubber, colophony, Glass, printed board, fiber, and so on. Simple to use, easy reading, easy operation, high resolution, available in GB/T 531-1999.


These durometers can be used with the Shimana hardness test stand (sold separately or as a kit with durometer) to eliminate the speed and weight variables in hardness measurement. The Shimana Test Stand for Durometers was designed to provide the ASTM recommended forces for use in hardness measurements.

The test stand offers a constant load weight. The mass is centered along the indenter axis, providing a consistent load each and every test.

Using test stand in your hardness applications, the hardness value is not depending on operator force: the lever is used only to release the weight to produce the ASTM recommended force.

The Shimana hardness test stand is the ideal tool for repetitive or lab-type testing for users who must test either very large specimens, or test in a number of different durometer scales. 

 Shimana Analog Shore Durometers - Specs

  Shore A (SHWSDR029-A) Shore D (SHWSDR031-D)
Accuracy: ±1HA ±1HD
Test range: 0~100HA 0~100HD
Available test range: 10~90HA 20~90HD
Stroke: 2.5mm 2.5mm
Tip dimension: 0.79mm SR 0.1mm
External Dimensions: 115x60x25mm 115x60x25mm
Net weight: 0.5Kg 0.5Kg

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