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Economic Digital Force Gauge (push & pull)

  • $395.00

This Push Pull Digital Force Gauge manufactured by Shimana is able to do force measurements with a good ±0.5% accuracy. Thanks to its memory function, the Shimana SHWSFG keeps 10 groups of data, and calculates the average. The Min Resolution is 0.001N and these pull force tools producing accurate results under a wide range of test conditions.


  • 180° Auto-reversible Display
    Shimana SHPMFG Series Force Gauge features a large and easy-to-read LCD display with turn direction function: just press the unit key for 3 seconds, the LCD screen will change its direction;
  • High accuracy & good resolution
    Designed for basic and complex applications, Shimana SHWSFG provides ±0.5% Accuracy and 0.001N min Resolution;
  • Peak hold function
    Featuring this function, Shimana SHWSFG can catch and hold the peak value in test;
  • Peak hold and auto-release function:
    Shimana SHWSFG series catch the peak value and show it on display 1-10 seconds, then you can release the value and the force gauges is ready for the next peak;
  • Data logging
    Thanks to its memory function, the Shimana SHWSFG keeps 10 groups of data, and calculates the average;
  • Unit conversion
    It is possible to convert the graduations of N, kgf, and lbf automatically;
  • Compare function
    initial input of the tolerance limit(Max/Min) enables the device to judge the measured result as GO (Green pilot lamp)/NG(Red pilot lamp);
  • Automatic power off
    the SH force gauges series have automatic power off function to save battery and keep the gauge safe. Power off time can device 1-60 minutes by yourself;
  • RS-232C output
    RS-232C output, it can transmit the data to Printer or computer, save it into, then analysis a "Excel" and print it directly.


  • Capacity: 2.0000N/200.00gf, 200.00N/44.00lbf, 500.00N/110.00lbf (depends on model)
  • Accuracy: ± 0.5% F.S.
  • Units: N.kgf, lbf.
  • Power:Ni-Hi 8.4V 1200 mAh
  • Sensor type: integral
  • Work temperature: 20°C ± 10°C
  • Carry temperature: -27°C to 70°C
  • Relative humidity: 15% to 80% RH
  • working conditions: no vibrancy and no cautery
  • Supplied as a complete kit including AC adapter/charger, CD, hook attachment, flat tip attachment, cone tip attachment, notched tip attachment, extension shaft attachment, operating instruction manual and carrying case. The RS232 cable for data output is NOT included with the gauge.

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