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94-114 dB Sound Calibrator

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Portable sound source for verification of sound level meters and other sound measurement equipment.

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The Shimana Sound Calibrator is a handy sound source for quick and easy calibration of sound level meters and other sound measuring systems. It is portable, battery operated, very robust and stable. The SHGLSL019 acoustic calibrator generates a stable control frequency (1000±0.1 Hz) and amplitude (94 dB SPL, or 114 dB SPL for calibration in noisy environments) and is used to verify the accuracy of your sound meter (such as the Multifunctional Sound Level Meter from Shimana).

The SHGLSL019 Decibel Meter Calibrator employs solid state integrated circuitry that provides accurate and stable performance.

This Sound Meter Calibrator is designed to check the accuracy of many types of sound meters, not only Shimana manufactured equipment. You can buy this Shimana sound level calibrator in Canada from us. The instrument will be shipped from our Brampton (Great Toronto Area, Ontario) warehouse. 


  • Conforms to IEC942 Class 1
  • Calibration accuracy of ±0.4dB (20C, 760° mm Hg)
  • Can be used to calibrate 1" and 1/2" microphones


Sound pressure level 94dB and 114dB
Accuracy ±0.4dB (20C, 760° mm Hg)
Frequency 1000±0.1 Hz
allows calibration with A, B, C or D weighting networks or linear
Conformance IEC942 Class 1
Operating temp -10 to 50°C
Temperature coefficient 0 to 0.01 dB/°C
Power battery operated - 2 x 9v transistor batteries NEDA 1604, Burgess 2U6 or equivalent
battery life ~100 hours
Dimensions 48 x 48 x 138mm
Weight 250g

how to use a sound calibrator

  1. Set the SHGLSL019 calibrator switch to 94 dB or 114 dB position. A 1 kHz tone should be heard.
  2. Turn on the sound pressure level meter which is to be calibrated.
  3. Carefully insert the microphone into the calibrator coupler. Be sure the microphone is down inside the coupler resting flush on the lower coupler rim.
  4. Follow the instructions from your Sound Meter user manual
  5. When calibration has been made, carefully remove the microphone and turn calibrator to OFF.

A sound calibrator should be used to check the sound equipment accuracy each day before and after making any measurements because the microphone and electronic circuitry of a sound level meter are very sensitive to damage and to changes in temperature and air pressure.
PLEASE NOTE: having a sound calibrator is not a substitute for having the sound level meter and the calibrator calibrated every year by an ISO Accredited Laboratory.

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