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Environmental Meter 4 in 1

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A single unit that combines the measurement of four key functions: sound, light, humidity and temperature.

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The SHSEHY002 4 in 1 multi-function environment noise analyser combines a noise (sound level) analyser, a light meter, a thermometer and a relative humidity meter. The environment noise analyser is especially suited to educational settings with the aim of measuring all 4 parameters and can also be used in both a professional setting or at home for taking orientative measurements. For high precision measurements you should choose a specific measuring instrument that corresponds to the specific parameters.

The Sound Level function can be used to measure noise in factories, schools, offices, airports, home, etc., checking acoustics of studios, auditoriums and hi-fi installations. The Light function is used to measure illuminance in the field. It is fully cosine corrected for the angular incidence of light. The light sensitive component used in the meter is a very stable, long life silicon diode. The Humidity/Temperature is for use a humidity/semiconductor sensor and K type thermocouple.

NOTE: The tripod is used for presentation only. It is not included with the gauge.


  • 4 functions measure Sound level, Light, Humidity and Temperature
  • 3 1/2 large LCD display with units of Lux, ºC,%RH and C & dB, A & dB indication
  • Easy to use
  • Sound level function can be used to measure noise levels in factories, schools, offices, studios & auditoriums - Sound Level Range: 35 to 135 dB, A low/high & C low/high
  • Light function is used to measure luminance in the field - Light Range: 0.01 to 20,000 Lux
  • Fully cosine corrected for the angular incidence of light
  • Very stable, long life silicon diode light sensor
  • Humidity Range: 25 to 95% RH
  • Semiconductor humidity sensor
  • Temperature Range: -4 to 1400°F / -20 to 750°C
  • Type K thermocouple input for temperature measurements
  • Data Hold & Max Hold
  • Auto shut off & low battery indication
  • Included accessories: carrying case, K-Type temperature probe & 9V battery


  Light meter Humidity Temperature Probe Sound
Range 0.1 to 20000 lux
(3 ranges)
-4 to 122°F
(-20 to 50°C)
-4 to 1400°F
(-20 to 750°C)
35 to 135 dB
(A & C)d>
Accuracy ±5% rdg +10 dgts ±5%RH
(at 25ºC , 35%~95%RH)
±3.5% rdg±2ºC
±3.5 dB at 94 dB,
1KHZ sine wave
Storage temperature -10 to 60°C
Auto power off Meter automatically shuts down after approx.10 minutes of inactivity
Power supply single 9v battery
Dimensions 251 x 64 x 40mm
Weight 250g

Please note the new part number: SHSEHY002 replacing SE-DT-8820.

standard delivery

  1. SHSEHY002 multi-function environment noise analyser with
    1. sound sensor
    2. light sensor
    3. temperature sensor (K-type probe)
    4. humidity sensor
  2. microphone protector
  3. 9V battery
  4. carrying case
  5. user's manual

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