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Digital Cap Torque Tester

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The Series SHIMPO TNP Digital Torque Meter is a precision instrument for measuring OPEN and CLOSE torque values for various applications. The SHIMPO TNP Torque Meter is used in medical, pharmaceutical, industrial quality control, R&D and countless other torque applications.

As a cap torque analyzer, the TNP repeatedly determines bottle closure and breakaway torque. Its wide memory capacity is capable of storing 1,000 data points, including Average, Maximum and Minimum values. A HI-GO-LO LED comparator feature can be utilized for large batch testing to ensure overall product quality.

The TNP Torque Meter comes standard with USB connection and cable for easy PC/Software interface. Combined with the free “DIGITORQ” Software, statistical testing, graphing and analysis can be performed.


  • Precise ± 0.5% F.S. accuracy ensures exact results
  • Variety of applications met with ranges from 4.4 in•lb (50 N•cm) all the way to 88.5 in•lb (10 N•m)
  • Quick & Easy set up with removable chuck pins that adjust test diameter size
  • Memory function allows convenient storage of up to 1000 readings for later retrieval
  • One touch operation enables quick reset for subsequent tests
  • Large, easy to read LCD displays torque values in four selectable engineering units
  • PC connectivity with USB interface and free DIGITORQ software enables data analysis and graphing on Microsoft® Excel
  • Truly portable with compact, light-weight design and internal, rechargeable batteries
  • Recharge batteries with included 120/240V AC adapter/charger or utilize adapter for continuous use
  • Selectable measuring modes enables capture of Average, Peak Opening or Peak Closing values in either clock-wise (CW) or counter clock-wise (CCW) directions
  • Speed up large batch tests with the integral Red/Green LED comparator that responds in accordance to pre-programmed tolerances
  • Durable, cast-aluminum heavy-duty construction withstands demanding wear and tear


Models TNP-0.5 TNP-2 TNP-5 TNP-10
Measuring Range 0-50.00 Ncm
0-500.0 mNm
0-5099 gcm
0-4.425 lbin
0-2.000 Nm
0-200.0 Ncm
0-20.39 kgcm
0-17.70 lbin
0-5.00 Nm
0-500.0 Ncm
0-50.99 kgcm
0-44.25 lbin
0-10.00 Nm
0-1000 Ncm
0-102.0 kgcm
0-88.5 lbin
Test Sample Diameter Range 0.39” – 7.48” (10 – 190 mm)
Accuracy ±0.5% / F.S.
Display Main display: 4-digit LCD display, Character height 0.5” (12 mm)
Comparator Display HI – GO – LO (green and red LED indicator)
Display Update Time Select from 0.125 second (8 times/second), 0.25 second (4 times/second), 0.5 second (2 times/second), 1 second (1 time/second). Peak display: 0.125 second
Measuring Mode Opening Mode: Show max value when opening (peak display) Displays max counterclockwise torque
Closing Mode: Show max value when closing (peak display) Displays max clockwise torque
Average Mode: Real time display (average value display) Displays torque in real time
Overload 150% of full scale
Sampling Rate 1000 Hz
Memory 1000 data (max)
Data Output USB1.1
Power Built in nickel hydride battery (NiMH) or Auto-ranging AC adapter (AC100 – 240V)
Battery Information NiMH: 8 hours use after full charge. 16 hour max. recharge time.
Operating Environment 32° – 104° F (0° – 40° C)
Software (PC) DIGITORQUE TNP (Free)
Dimensions 12.60” x 8.94” x 4.96” (320 x 227x 126 mm)
Product Weight Approx. 17.6 lb (8 kg) Approx. 17.6 lb (8 kg) Approx. 17.6 lb (8 kg) 27.5 lb
(12.5 kg)
Package Weight Approx. 19 lb (8.6 kg) Approx. 19 lb (8.6 kg) Approx. 19 lb (8.6 kg) 30.7 lb
(13.9 kg)
Certifications CE
Warranty 2-Year
Included Accessories USB cable, 120/240 VAC AC adapter, 30mm chuck pin (4pcs)


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