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Pocket LED Stroboscope

  • $775.00

The Imada ESL-200B Pocket LED Stroboscope is a super bright, battery operated, LED stroboscope. The stroboscope has many features and is designed to measure and observe rotating, reciprocating and linear motion in a variety of production, quality control and academic applications. It generates an extremely bright light relative and fits in a pocket.

The ESL-200B stroboscope is sold as a kit and made in the USA. The standard model includes the stroboscope, AC Adapter/charger and plastic carrying case.

Adjustable Flash Duration
ESL-200B features adjustable flash duration. For most applications standard flash duration works without adjustment. For ultra high speed applications, objects may move during the brief period of a single flash, resulting in a blurred image. By decreasing flash duration, objects have less time to move and the image appears sharper.

Optional ET-1 External Trigger Kit
The External Trigger immediately synchronizes the stroboscope with a rotating object. The sensor is aimed at a ferrous target mounted on the drive shaft and triggers the strobe to flash each time the target passes the sensor. ET-1 is complete with sensor, cables and AC adapter. Ferrous target not-included. For more information see the ET-1 External Trigger Kit Tab.

Imada ESL-200 Standard Features

  • High efficiency LED solid-state light source
  • Extended battery life of 5 hours continuous use at 6,000 fpm/rpm
  • Pulse Width Modulation for sharp images at high speed
  • Highly stable drift free operation
  • Auto wide measuring range – up to 150,000 fpm/rpm (over 100,000 display flashes)
  • Push button operation with x2 and ÷2 buttons for easy and precise adjustment
  • 359° Digital phase shift adjustment by 1° increments
  • Store up to 9 flash rates in memory for records or quick retests (Restarts at the last flash rate)
  • Rugged aluminum housing – compact size – weighs only 1.2 lb (540 g)
  • Easy-to-read 5 digit 12 mm high LCD
  • External trigger input and output
  • Tripod mountable
  • Kit includes stroboscope, AC Adapter/charger, and carrying case.


Range/Resolution 12.0 to 9999.9 fpm/rpm ±0.1 fpm/rpm
10000 to 150000 fpm/rpm, ±1 fpm/rpm
(over 100,000 display flashes)
Brightness 7800 LUX, 8" distance, 6000 FPM, 80 mS duration
Selectable Units FPM or Hz
Accuracy: ±0.01%, ±1 LSD
Power NiMH rechargeable battery
Display 12mm, 5 digit LCD
Phase Shift 0 - 359° in 1° increments
Tripod Thread ¼ - 20 UNC
Operating Temp. 0 – 45°C
Storage Temp. -10 – 50°C
Weight .81 lb/370 g

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