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Jamar® Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer

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The JAMAR Hand Hydraulic Dynamometer offers many features for routine screening. For over 40 years JAMR Hand Dynamometer has been the industry standard for grip strength data collection. This hydraulic dynamometer is use as a standard testing instrument for compensation determination.


  • Dual-Scale Readout: The JAMAR Hand Dynamometer displays grip force in punds and kilograms up to 200 pounds or 90 kg;
  • Peak-Hold Needle: Automatically retains the highest reading until rest. Ideal for easy recording;
  • Accurate and Reproducible: The JAMAR Hand Dynamometer is isometric in use and allows almost no perceptible motion of the handles, regardless of grip strength. Along with a comfortable grasp the JAMAR Hand Dynamometer ensures accurate and reproducible results.
  • Adjustable Handle: Accommodates various size hands. The JAMAR handle adjusts to five grip positions in half inch increments. The adjustable handle allows therapists to quantify grip strength for different size objects being grasped may vary the grip strength on an individual patient.

What's included with the gage:

Unit comes with carrying/storage case, certificate of calibration and complete instructions. Warranted for one full year. The warranty does not cover calibration. Latex free.