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Video Inspection Camera (pistol grip design)

  • $299.00

Reed BS-150 (TV compatible) comes with a handheld and comfortable pistol grip design. The inspection camera also features a high visibility 3.2” colour TFT LCD monitor with 320x240 pixel resolution and a 3.2’ flexible waterproof (IP67) gooseneck imager head which retains configured shape.

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The BS-150 is a new REED Video Borescope used for video inspections in hard to reach areas. Using the Reed BS-150’s 3.2' flexible gooseneck imager, HVACR contractors and technicians can view high resolution inspection images on its high visibility 3.2" colour TFT LCD monitor with 320x240 pixel resolution. Reed BS150 can also captures  high resolution images or transfer live inspection movies to a computer via USB. Using an optional 4GB SD card, Reed Video Borescope can save them for a further analysis. This Reed videoscope proved to be the perfect choice when articulation, portability, and easy image capture, are key factors. Reed BS-15 is high quality, an affordably priced video borescope very durable and completely portable.

REED BS-150 Features

  • Comfortable pistol grip design and forward facing controls make it easy to detect and diagnose the unreachable
  • High visibility 3.2” colour TFT LCD monitor with 320x240 pixel resolution
  • 3.2’ flexible gooseneck imager head retains configured shape and is waterproof (IP67)
  • Gooseneck is expandable up to 30’ with the optional cable extensions
  • High visibility 10° adjustable LED lighting
  • Camera and video functions allows you to save high resolution JPG images and live video
  • TV compatible; TV-out.
  • Transfer files to a computer via USB cable and optional 2 GB SD memory card (Model BS-150-2GBSD)
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery

REED BS-150 Specifications

  • Viewing Distance: 15cm to 25 cm (5.9” to 9.8”)
  • Viewing Angle: 0 to 180°
  • Camera Diameter: 17mm (0.66”); Length: 1m (39”)
  • Photosensitive Devices: 1/4” CMOS
  • Sensor Pixel: 640 x 480
  • Max. Resolution: 320 x 240
  • Max. Frames: 30FPS/S
  • Median Colour: 24 bit
  • Focus: Manual
  • File Format Compatibility: MPEG4, 3GP, AVI, ASF
  • Image Format Compatibility: JPEG
  • Camera Video Format: 3GP

How to use Reed Video Inspecion Camera (BS-150)

Taking an Image Power on your Video Inspection Camera by holding on the "power" button for three seconds. With the instrument in "Camera mode" you can easyly take and save the image by pressing the Photo snap button

Rotation of Images When the instrument is in Video mode, press the and buttons to rotate the image currently selected by 180°.

Taking a Video With your inspection camera into the Video mode, just press the arrows buttons to rotate the image.

Insert the TV-OUT cable (Black end) into the TV-OUT plug of the instrument and plug the other end to the TV-VIDEO to the television. Yellow is the VIDEO, Red is the right channel and White is the left (or mono) channel. Select TV-OUT in the menu, press OK, select the NTSC or PAL options in accordance with your television standards and press OK. The display will turn Black, press the Operation button and the television should now display the image. To go back to regular mode, return to the TV-OUT menu option, select the LCD Display option, press OK.

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