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Typical represention of REED LA-1010

Stud/metal/AC voltage detector

  • $79.00

This REED LA-1010 Stud/metal/AC voltage detector manufactured by Reed is an highly accurate instrument that provides automatic calibration for metal and wood stud modes. With this compact and handheld unit, detecting Metal Studs or Wood Studs has an extremely fast response time. Detecting live wires is also available.

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REED LA-1010 Features

  • Stud/metal/AC voltage finder with laser line level
  • Select Normal S can, detect up to 3/4" depth,
    or Deep S can, detection up to 1-1/2" depth
  • 180° pivoting laser plane with level and plumb vials
  • Thumb dial adjustment feet for leveling the laser
  • 20' laser line projection onto work surface with 90° squaring
  • LED display with continuous live wire detection
  • LCD sensing and mode display with target graphics
  • Vertical and horizontal mounting holes
  • Easy key pad operation
  • Ergonomically designed for comfort and grip
  • Operated on a single 9V battery
  • Auto power off
  • Dimensions: 180 x 67 x 38mm
  • Weight: 180g

How to use Reed Stud/metal/AC voltage detector (LA-1010)

Start calibration procedure of this Stud/Metal/AC Voltage Detector by holding the unit flat against the wall surface. Ensure you have a firm contact between the instrument and wall surface and press press and hold the ON button. The detector goes through its calibration cycle that usualy take 11-3 seconds. During this, all indicators on the LCD are displayed, a beep will sound and LCD will indicate "READY" icon. Press the laser key and hold the ON button then the laser line will stay on. Keep holding ON button during the stud detection.

Detecting Wood Studs
When the LA-1010 is first turned on the wood stud detection is set by default. Slide the unit across the surface in a straight line and the display will show more bars. When the stud edge is detected the wood indicator and the edge bar will be shown and the unit will sound a repeating beep. Now you can use the indicator line to mark the stud edge with a pencil.

Detecting Metal Studs
Firstly activate the Metal mode by pressing the Metal button. To start detecting the metal studs, press and keep pressing the "ON" button. Slide the detector across the metal surface and, in case of stud detection, the Reed La-1010 will show a Metal indicator and the edge on the display and a beep will be heard.

Detecting Metal Studs
The live wire detection feature is available with this Reed La-1010 detector. This feature is always on and when a live wire is detected, the red live wire LED indicator will show. To help detecting the wire position, this detector need to be hold at 1/2 inch away from the wall surface.

Adjustment Feet
This function allow the leveling of the laser line on the horizontal or vertical surfaces.

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