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Compact Wind Anemometer

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Reed LM-81AM is a digital and compact wind anemometer that provides precise wind speed readings. Data record function is available for this instrument as well as record (Max/Min) values.

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Sometimes called wind speed or air velocity meter, the Reed LM-81AM is a lightweight and compact vane anemometer especially designed for one hand operation. Based on his data logging function,  LM-81AM was designed to store data measurements for a later review.

REED LM-81AM Features

  • Tiny bone shape with lightweight and small size case design are suitable for handling with one hand
  • Wristlet design provides extra protection to the instrument especially for user one hand operation
  • Low-friction ball bearing mounted vane wheel design provides high accuracy at high and low air velocity
  • Built-in microprocessor circuit assures excellent performance and accuracy
  • Concise and compact buttons arrangement, easy operation;
  • Memorize the maximum and minimum value with recall
  • Air velocity measuring units selectable by pressing button on the front panel for five units of measure
  • Hold function to freeze the current reading value

REED LM-81AM Specifications

  • Measuring Ranges:
    fpm: 80 to 5910
    m/s: 0.4 to 30|
    km/h: 1.4 to 108
    mph: 0.9 to 67
    knots: 0.8 to 58.3
  • Resolution:
    fpm: 1
    m/s, km/h, mph, knot: 0.1
  • Pocket-sized wind anemometer for air velocity measurements;
  • Integral vane design for one hand operation;
  • Operating Humidity Max. 80% RH
  • Operating Temperature 0 to 50° C (32 to 122° F)
  • Weight 160g (battery included);
  • Dimensions 156 H x 60 W x 33 D mm (6.14 x 2.36 x 1.29”).

How to use Pocket-Sized Thermo-Anemometer (LM-81AM)

These rotating vane anemometers are extremly easy to use for air velocity measurements. After you have Powered on the instrument by pressing the “Power Button”, select the measurement's unit by pressing the “Unit Button”. Be sure the air flow are not obtured by buildings or tree and face the “Air Flow Sensor” to the source of wind. Allow time for reading to become stable and note the value indicated.

Additional Functions
Thanks to its Hold function this digital vane anemometer will freeze the current value with a “HOLD” symbol on the display. You can activate this feature by pressing the “Hold Button”. The Data Record function records & displays the maximum and minimum reading values. by pressing the “Max./Min. Button” the function will be activated and you will swich between maximum and minimum values by pressing the same button along the measurements.

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