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Data Holder Multimeter

Data Holder Multimeter

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These REED R5008 (was ST-922) Data Holder Multimeters are directly compatible with EN61010-1, Cat. III 600V standard to permit functions such as Automatic negative polarity indication, overrange warning and many other features. The R5008 (ST-922) model by Reed exceed your expectations and allowing you to get even temperature measurements.

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Reed R5008 (ST-922) Features

  • Auto ranging AC/DC digital multimeter with temperature function
  • 0.5% basic DC accuracy
  • 4,000-count resolution
  • Diode check and continuity test
  • Data hold function
  • Double molded plastic housing
  • UL approved
  • EN61010-1 Cat. III 600V

REED R5008 (ST-922) Specifications

  • AC/DC Voltage Range: 600V
  • Accuracy: AC: ±1.2%; DC: º0.5%
  • AC/DC Current Range: 10A
  • Accuracy: AC: º3.0%; DC: º2.5%
  • Resistance Range: 40MO
  • Accuracy: º0.8%
  • Frequency Range: 10MHz
  • Accuracy: º1.5%
  • Capacitance Range: 200?F
  • Accuracy: º3.0%
  • Duty Cycle Range: 99.9%
  • Accuracy: º1.2%
  • Temperature Range: 760ºC (1400ºF)
  • Accuracy: º3.0%
  • Dimensions: 150 x 70 x 48mm
  • Weight: 255g

How to use Reed R5008 Data Holder Multimeter (ST-922)

MODE Button
Press the MODE button to switch between Diode/Continuity, DC/AC and Hz/%Duty and select the desired function.

RANGE Button
When you will turn on this Reed Autoranging Multimeter for the first time, it will automatically goes into AutoRanging function that automatically selects the best range for the measurements being made. If you need to set-up the range manually, ress the R5008's RANGE button. The “AUTO” display indicator will turn off. Press the RANGE button to step through the available ranges until you select the range you want. Press and hold the RANGE button for 2 seconds to exit the Manual Ranging mode and return to AutoRanging.

When you need to freeze the readings on the display, press the DATA HOLD button to pause the reading on the indicator. HOLD will appear on the display to indicate the function. Press the DATA HOLD button to return to normal operation.

Relative Button
This Reed Data Holder Multimeter comes with relative measurement feature that allows you to make voltage, current, etc measurements relative to a stored reference value that can be stored and measurements can be made in comparison to that value. The displayed value is the difference between the reference value and the measured value. During performing any type of measurements, press the RELATIVE button to store the reading that is on the screen. The “REL” indicator will appear on the display. The display will now indicate the difference between the stored value and the measured value. Press the RELATIVE button to return to normal operation.

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