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Laser Distance Meter

Laser Distance Meter

  • $139.00

This REED R8002 Laser Distance Meter (new 2015 model) was designed to be used in hard to access areas. R8002 can stores last 10 measurement results, and are able to auto calculate area and volume by one button operation.

More info

The R8002 is a new REED Laser distance meter used to measure fast and precise the distance without bulky reel-in tapes, or walking wheel distance measurement systems. The REED R8002 calculates area (square footage), volume and can storage the last 10 measurement results. The REED Laser Distance Meter comes with reference point setting function, metric or Imperial units and reference point setting function.

REED R8002 Features

  • Easily measure hard-to-access areas, like high
    ceilings, with laser targeting
  • Instant measurement with one-button operation
  • Quick calculation of area (square footage) and volume
  • Easy addition and subtraction of measurements
  • Pythagoras calculation for determining distance indirectly from two or three other
  • Maximum/Minimum measurements
  • Reference point setting function
  • Metric or Imperial units of measure
  • Display backlight
  • Storage of last 10 measurement results
  • Includes battery

REED R8002 Specifications

  • Measuring Range: -0.05 to 45m
  • Accuracy: =10m: ±2.00mm; >10m: ±2mm ±0.05
      x distance in metres -10)
  • Laser Type: Class II, <1mW, 620 to 690 nm
  • Power Supply: 2 x AAA 1.5V batteries
  • Dimensions: 112 x 48 x 25mm
  • Weight: 120g

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