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Typical represention of REED R9600

Salinity Refractometer

  • $129.00

The REED R9600 salinity refractometer can be used to measure artificial seawater in aquariums, holding tanks and breeding ponds.

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REED R9600 Features

  • Salinity refractometers are useful for measuring the concentration of natural or artificial seawater in aquariums, holding tanks, and breeding ponds
  • They can also be used for controlling the saltwater concentration when preparing pickles, measuring the concentration of saltwater used in rinsing and cooking sea products

REED R9600 Specifications

  • Range:     0 to 28%
  • Resolution:     0.2%
  • Accuracy:     ±0.2%
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation Range:     10 to 30°C

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