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Resistance Decade Box

  • $139.00

This typically compact Resistance Decade Box comes with multiple slide switches that allow user to simply add or subtract for desired value. REED RBOX-408 was designed to provide immediate access to a combination of resistances with an ±1% accuracy of readings.

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This Reed Resistance Decade Box model RBOX-408 is a passive device that requires no power source. During the time, this instrument proved to pe an excellent choice as a resistance calibration or transfer standard. Buy this RBOX-408 model if you need a good performance resistance decade box that is also cost effective.

REED RBOX-408 Features

  • 3 binding posts permit isolated substitutions
  • Slide switches the allow user to simply add or
    subtract for desired value
  • Excellent for circuit development

REED RBOX-408 Specifications

  • Range 1 to 11,111,110Ω, 7 ranges
  • Resolution 1Ω increments
  • Accuracy ±1% of reading
  • Dimensions 4.6 x 5.8 x 2.0" (117 x 147 x 52mm)


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