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Torque Meter with 15 Kgf-cm torque probe

  • $1,049.00

The Reed TQ-8800 Torque Meter features 15 Kgf-cm separate torque probe, data hold and max-min functions and RS232 comuter interface.

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REED TQ-8800 Features

  • Professional torque meter with 15 Kgf-cm torque probe,
    full set.
  • 3 kind display unit select button of Kgf-cm, LBf-inch
    and Newton-cm on the front panel.
  • Data hold button to freeze the desired reading.
  • Peak measurement to hold the peak value.
  • Selecting the high resolution or low resolution.
  • Fast or Slow sampling time selecting by push button.
  • Record Maximum and Minimum readings with recall.
  • RS 232 computer interface.
  • Super large LCD display, easy readout.
  • Microcomputer circuit, high performance.
  • Separate torque probe, easy operation.
  • Auto power off saves battery life.
  • Built-in low battery indicator.
  • Heavy duty & compact housing case.
  • Complete set with the hard carrying case.

REED TQ-8800 Specifications

  • Display: 61 mm x 34 mm supper large LCD display.
    15 mm ( 0.6" ) digit size.
  • Measurements: Torque value, peak value hold,
    data hold, Max. & min. value.
  • Unit: Kgf-cm, LBf-inch, Newton-cm.
  • Maximum measurement range: 15 Kgf-cm, 13.02 LBf-inch,
    147.1 N-cm. * N = Newton

How to use Reed Torque Meter with 15 Kgf-cm torque probe (TQ-8800)

Quick force measurements with TQ-8800
For quick torque measurements connect the "Sensor Plug" to the Reed TQ-8800's "Input Socket". Power on the meter & select the display unit and zero the meter by push the "Zero Button". Connect the torque sensor cramp to the measuring installation. Apply the torque force, meter will display the pressure value.

Measuring Procedure
Before power on your instrument, insert the :Sensor Cable Plug" into the socket. After you the meter was powered on, push check if the the TQ-8800's sensor type is same as the external torque sensor. To do this only press the "Sensor Type" Button. The LCD will display "15 Kg cm". Now you can select the unit of measurements selecting from Kgf-cm, LBf-inch or N-cm ( Newton-cm ). Continue with select the "High resolutio"n or "Low resolution" type of measurements, by pressing the "Resolution" Button.
The " Fast/Slow Button " ( 3-10, Fig. 1 ) is used to select the fast sampling time or slow sampling time.
- Fast sampling time, display will show the " F " indicator.
- Slow sampling time, display will show the " S " indicator.

Zero button
Before the measurement, if the meter not show zero value, it can push the "Zero Button" to tare the display value, the LCD will change to zero value.
Apply the torque force, the LCD will show the measured torque value.

Peak hold
Pressing the "Peak" button during the measurements, the LCD will show "PEAK" indicator & the display will hold the peak value.

Data hold and Data record
IF you want to freeze the measured value, press the " Hold" Button. The measured value & display will indicate " HOLD " symbol. The DATA RECORD function displays the maximum and minimum readings. To start the DATA RECORD function, press the "Max./Min. Button" once. " REC " symbol will appear on the LCD display.

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