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IP54 Splash Proof Digital Caliper

  • $96.00

Professional grade digital caliper, water resistant to IP54 specifications with Absolute/Incremental measurements. The Shimana Digital Calipers Series 249 features mechanical thumb-wheel for fine adjustments and direct conversion from metric to inch system.


  • For inside & outside measurements plus stepped end depth rod for measuring small holes;
  • According to IP54 protection standard
  • Complete protection against contact, Protection against dust deposit;
  • Protection from splashed water
  • Ranges and accuracy: 150mm/±0.03mm; 200mm/±0.03mm; 300mm/±0.04mm;
  • Can be used in workshop or outdoor conditions;
  • Units conversion
  • Metric/Inch;
  • Zero Setting at any position;
  • ABS function;
  • Conforming standard: DIN862.
  • Manual power on/off;

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