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Non-Contact Voltage Detectors

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Easy to use AC voltage testers with audio and visual warning signals.

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Shimana's DUT12A is a new type of induction tester with two kinds of warning signals: audio and visual. DUT12A is a low volume, easy to carry and convinient to use non-contact voltage detector.

It's an easy to use AC Voltage Detector: just touch the tip to a terminal strip, outlet or cord and when the tip glows red and the unit beeps you know there's voltage in the line.


  • Indicators: LED and Beep
  • Voltage Range: 90VAC ~ 1000VAC
  • Measurement Category: IV 1000V per IEC61010
  • Convinient size with pocket clip
  • For use on 50/60Hz
  • Auto power-off function (after 3 minutes)


Bandwidth 50/60Hz
Voltage Sensitivity 90 ~ 1000VAC

Normal Indicators Beep and flashing LED indicates the presence of voltage
Power supply 2 x 1.5 battery (AAA)
Dimensions 150 x 109mm
Weight 49g

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