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Digital Height Gauges Single Column

Digital Height Gauges Single Column

  • $395.00

Shimana single column digital height gauges with carbride-tipped scriber that facilitates fine scribing on workpieces. Can easily measure height of small workpieces. The robust construction with a thick column provides highly repeatable measurement. Fine-adjustment carriage to feed the slider finely.


  • Easy to operate
  • High efficiency
  • Presetting 
Measuring Span Order No. Resolution Permissible Error
0-300mm(0-12") SHAYHG085 0.01mm(.0005") ±0.04mm
0-500mm(0-20") SHAYHG099 0.01mm(.0005") ±0.05mm
0-600mm(0-24") SHAYHG100 0.01mm(.0005") ±0.06mm
0-1000mm(0-40") SHAYHG101 0.01mm(.0005") ±0.07mm

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