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Datalogging Ergonomics Testing Kit

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Shimana SHPMEK ergonomics measuring kit - probably the most economical solution on the market today designed for job task analysis, muscle strength and ergonomic force testing using a data logging digital force gauge, padded attachments and double or single grip handles.

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This SHIMANA Datalogging Ergonomics Kit (series) was equipped to do your strength assessment and ergonomic studies simple and accurate. Shimana Ergonomics Kit was built was built around a high accuracy SHIMANA Digital Force Gauge, ideal for push and pull force testing. These SHIMANA Datalogging Ergonomics Kits are available in two capacities: 500N (110 lbf) and 1000N (220 lbf) with ± 0.2% F.S. accuracy and comes standard with Double & single-handles, Flat, curved, and square padded attachments and standard attachment for compression and tension tests (SHPMFG177-EK).

Also included with this kit

  • USB cable for data output
  • Windows Data Analyzing Software
  • Double & single-handles
  • Flat, curved, and square padded attachments
  • Standard attachments: hook attachment, flat tip attachment, cone tip attachment, notched tip attachment, extension shaft attachment
  • User manual
  • Carrying case
  • AC adapter

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