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Datalogging Force Gauges with Remote Loadcell

  • $795.00

Shimana SHPMFG-R digital force gauges with remote load cells are loaded with functionality to simplify your compression and tension testing needs. The force indicator can be combined with different remote load cells (S-Beam or Load Button Sensors) and offers the best price performance ratio today.

The multiple-language digital force gauge provides menu programming for easy selection and set-up of the instrument to your desired requirements. Three modes of operation are selectable: Track mode for live readings, Peak mode for displaying the peak reading that remains until a higher peak is sensed, and Auto Peak mode which is similar to Peak mode except the peak on the display will additionally reset after a programmed time period. Programmable limits provide a quick visual and audible indication if a test passed or failed on the LCD. The large backlit, 180° auto-reversible display, compression/tension icons, combined with the dual labeled key pad allows for instant switching from push to pull testing.


  • 1000 Hz Sample Rate combined with 0.3% F.S. accuracy provides fast sampling producing great resolution and more accurate results
  • Three mode operation: Track, Peak & Auto-Peak
  • Programmable High & Low Limits allow for instant visual and audible indication of pass or fail testing
  • 1000 point data collection capability can be viewed on display, sent to optional printer, or uploaded to software package for further analysis
  • Rugged, ergonomic die cast aluminum construction allows usage in demanding applications


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