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Flammable Gas Leak Detector

  • $69.00

This is a simple gas-leak detector, a very sensitive, self-sufficient warning system that consists of a gas sensor, an acoustic signal generator, a visual status display and power supply.

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This Flammable Gas Leak Detector serves to recognize gas leaking from small liquefied-gas containers such as camping-gas cartridges, gas lighters, gas soldering torches, etc. This portable gas detector is not designed for industrial use.

To buy this instrument in Canada please ask for a quote or contact us.

How to use


  1. Push the power switch, wait till the green led comes on and the buzzer stops
  2. Get the gas detector close to the suspicious part of the gas equipments to confirm the gas leakage
  3. If the device detects a gas leakage a red color is lighted on the lamp with the sound of buzzer 



  • detects all combustible gases
  • detects traces of gas
  • sound and led alarms
  • easy to use


Operating temperature -10°C ~ 50°C
Humidity 95% RH or lower
Power supply 2 x 1.5V (AAA size)
Power consumption DC 200mA
Duration of use about 4 hours continuously
Dimensions 164 x 21 mm
Weight 25 g

The device is to be considered as an aid only and must only be used for small gas containers. If there is reason to believe that gas is leaking, especially in case of complex gas systems such as heaters or ovens you should not carry the measurement yourself but contact an expert.

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