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Wood moisture meter

  • $89.00

This compact SHIMANA wood moisture meter with integrated electrode is ideal for use on any construction site.

The SHSEMM006 compact wood moisture meter detects moisture in wood and other building materials such as wall board, sheet rock, cardboard, paper, plaster, concrete, and mortar.

This model has permanent but replaceable probes and switches on automatically when the protective cap is removed. The cap also contains the circuitry to test the batteries and calibration.

Convenient pocket size moisture meter features impact proof housing, auto power off, and built in battery and calibration verification test.

  • Measures the moisture content of sawn timber (also cardboard and paper) and hardened materials like plaster, concrete and mortar
  • Ranges:
    • Wood: 6 to 44% Moisture Content;
    • Hardened Materials: 0.2 to 2.0% Moisture Content
  • Average adjustment for European wood based on a temperature of 20°C
  • Electrical resistance measuring principle
  • Impact-proof plastic housing
  • Auto power-off
  • 8mm long integrated electrode is replaceable

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